Gaston poncet sas

Precision lapidarists (gem cutters) since 1890

6 rue Auguste-Lançon 39200 St Claude - France
Tél. +33 3 84 45 02 81 Fax. + 33 3 84 45 18 95

Lapidarists specialising in precision grading of coloured gemstones.

Our approach

As our company has grown over the past 30 years we have greatly distinguished ourselves from similar companies by :
Limiting the number of our manufactured products

As of todays we focus our attention on small, top quality precious gems:
rubies, sapphires, emeralds and semi-precious stones.

Adapting our lapidary services to suit industrial demand:
Developing cutting-edge technology

These days customers insist on cutting-edge technology and on items of the highest quality so Gaston Poncet SAS has kept on top of developments and in some instances remained one step ahead :

Total product mastery
Building long-term savoir-faire

Our director won the MOF (Best Craftsman in France) competition in1986 and is involved in an on-going training of lapidarists organized by the company.

Winners of the FONDEXPA export award
Winners of the FONDEXPA export award