Gaston poncet sas

Precision lapidarists (gem cutters) since 1890

6 rue Auguste-Lançon 39200 St Claude - France
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Four generations of lapidarists

Arthur Arbez Athur ARBEZ

Nephew Gaston Poncet’s training mentor.

Gaston Poncet Gaston PONCET

Arthur’s nephew.
Gave the family business company status.

Jean Poncet Jean PONCET

Gaston’s son.
Steered the company through tough times.

François Poncet François PONCET

Jean’s son.
MOF (Best craftsman in France competition) 1986.
Set up the research department.
Current director.

Gems at Saint Claude: a short history

Since the 18th century the Saint Claude region has made a name for itself in the art of working with diamonds and precious gems. This might stem from the natural talent and creativity of the people of the Jura in this field or it might be a consequence of the long and harsh winters, or perhaps it is a combination of all these factors...

However the impact of globalisation and increased market competition have led to a dip in diamond and lapidary endeavours in Saint Claude however.

Over the past century the number of lapidarists has shrunk considerably (by 1000s)

Nevertheless, savoir-faire has endured  mainly: